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Fons Hoekx

PROGRAM manager

Connecting and uniting people has become my second nature. It’s my habit to take a low-threshold approach. I treat people with respect and empower them to maximise their potential. On all organisational levels.

I have intimate knowledge of how the sector operates and I know the people inside out.

I create links and inter-connections. Between people, between departments. Transforming energy into synergy.

Core skills and expertise

  • Operational Technology Expert
  • Connecting and uniting people
  • Maximize potential on all levels
  • Intimate knowledge of the food sector

Professional experience


Owner, Hoekx en Derissen

We achieve the best possible results in a factory – permanently.

In various leading and supporting roles, we help to improve and organise processes and installations – right up to constructing entire production plants. Part-time input that leads to structural, full-time results.


Program Manager OT, FrieslandCampina corporate supply chain

Program manager for the global Business Continuity Risk Reduction Program.
Resolve issues, align resources, prepare reports and communicate on programs, progress and results concerning OT programs.


Program Manager large investment projects FrieslandCampina Cologne

Investments related to strategical growth
License To Operate (LTO)


Senior Business consultant OT, FrieslandCampina CPEMEA

Business consultant for the global MES and Industrial Automation standards at FrieslandCampina.


Business Group Asset Manager, FrieslandCampina CBM

Responsible for design, development and implementation of the Maintenance Management processes for Business Group CBM.

Implementation of a Maintenance Performance Framework
Integration of a maintenance development plan with the Way We Work
Elimination of performance killers: reduction of breakdowns and short stops
Increase First Time Right
Monthly Maintenance Reports
Realisation of a Maintenance Academy for Maintenance standards and procedures


Program Manager OT, FrieslandCampina CPEMEA

Integration of SAP system with the MES layer.
Plants: Maasdam, Rotterdam, Aalter and Bornem

Realisation of the MES Project
Organization of both generic and local activities
Wonderware standardization
Overall alignment with the Summit Project
Financial responsibility including CAPEX / OPEX
Defining and delivering an operational business support organization


Manager Logistics, FrieslandCampina DMV

Responsible for warehousing and planning for plant Veghel
Business process owner of SAP-EWM.  Change owner implementation detailed scheduling project (OMP)


Program Manager IT, FrieslandCampina DMV

Responsible for ERP aftercare project plant Veghel.

Work streams: MtD, EWM, EAM(PM), PtP, OtC and QM.
Reduction of business issues by 90%. 
Initiation and organisation of workshops and brainstorming sessions
Positioning of business process owners and key users
Visualisation of work flows
Realisation of data integrity
Integration of SmartBuy and Bassware applications
Training and promoting awareness with regard to the “Way We Work”

Number of employees involved: 55


Program Manager CI, Mead Johnson Nutrition

Increase output of the finishing unit plant Nijmegen. Increase of 25% in Overall Equipment Effectiveness.

Installation of new dosage units for bulk handling
Installation of new canning line
Realised within ten months
Dismantling of existing installations

Conversion and start-up within twelve days
Responsible for the stage gate process: business case, project assignment, BOD, URS, basic engineering, detailed engineering, IQ, OQ and PQ
Training of operators and technicians
CE certification
Vertical start-up, close out


Program Manager OT, FrieslandCampina DMV

Integration of SAP system with the MES layer
Plants: Nutrifeed Veghel and DMV Veghel.

Integration of SAP-ECC with MES and LIMS systems
Definition and realisation of iDoc structure
Implementation of label applicators for finished products
Installation of Wi-Fi network in warehouse
Provision of terminals for barcode scanning on fork lift trucks
TC1-ITC2-UAT-Go-live hyper care
Conversion strategy 
Change management
Cut-over management


Program Manager CI, FrieslandCampina DMV

Increase output of the lactoferrin plant. Increase of 35% in Overall Equipment Effectiveness

Set-up and realisation of dashboards 
MES application with historian functionality
Improvement of process parameters relating to:
– micro-filtration unit
– ultra-filtration unit
– pasteurisation units
– chromatographic columns
– elution process
– spray drying


Program Manager CI, Mead Johnson Nutrition

Realisation of a step change in Quality and Food Safety for plant Nijmegen. Set up of a 5-year investment plan. Entire factory brought to next level.

Responsible for:
Strategic Alignment
Project prioritisation and selection
Stakeholder management
Risk management
Resource planning
Value assessment and benefit realisation

Disciplines involved:
Quality Assurance
Quality Control
Human Resources
Planning and Logistics
Research and Development


Program Manager CI, AFA Dispensing Group

Set-up of daily control system for injection moulding and assembly unit plant Helmond. Coaching the Operations Management Team


Program Manager CI, FrieslandCampina DMV

Increase output of the spray dried Milk Protein unit plant Veghel. Increase of 25% in Overall Equipment Effectiveness

Production line for Milk Protein: milk receipt – skimming – preparation of curds – spray drying – packaging

Improvement in process automation
Modification of CIP system
Finetuning CIP loops and recirculation loops
Double set of nozzles

Introduction of new technology
Training of operators and technicians
Coordination and optimisation of process control systems
Compliance with the European Hygienic Engineering & Design Group (EHEDG)
IQ, OQ and PQ
Integration of Scada-PCS7 with MES-Simatic IT, online OEE reporting
Chairman of management group
Complete stage gate process


Maintenance Manager, Mead Johnson Nutrition

Managing and developing maintenance department plant Nijmegen.

Restructuring of maintenance procedures
Integration of SAP-PM
Set-up and organisation of Modifications department
Set-up and organisation of Maintenance Engineering department
Introduction of FMECA tool, based on the company’s objectives


Manager TPM, FrieslandCampina DMV

Responsible for development, set-up and execution of TPM program plant Veghel. Implementation according to JIPM standards. 

Autonomous Maintenance (AM)
Planned Maintenance (PM)
Training & Education (T&E)
Focussed Improvement (FI)
Early Equipment Management (EEM)
Quality Maintenance (QM)
Safety, Health & Environment (SHE)
Lean Flow (LF)

Awarded with the prestigious “JIPM Award for TPM Excellence” in 2011
Reduction of 13 mln euro losses


Business Consultant OT,  FrieslandCampina

Business consultant for the global MES and Industrial Automation standards at FrieslandCampina


Senior Project Manager, FrieslandCampina DMV

Responsible for business cases, design, requests for investment, start-up and implementation of large investment projects for Business Group Industrial Products.

New production facility for mixing, spray drying and packaging in  Germany
Upgrade hygiene levels of a multi-plant site to comply with EHEDG or GMP standards
Various efficiency and process automation projects


Maintenance Manager, Friesland Campina DMV

Managing and developing maintenance department plant Veghel.

Promoting new work processes in the organisation
Setting aims and KPIs based on internal performance contracts
Implementation of cost reductions, reduction of down time in production plant,  outsourcing of maintenance
Set-up of  customer-supplier relationship for production and maintenance
Optimisation of SAP-PM and SAP-PS on based on FMECA systems
Drawing up new job profiles and making a GAP analysis of existing staff, drawing up and implementing a training plan
Introduction of TPM system and FDA-approved maintenance processes


Change Manager, FrieslandCampina DMV

Reorganisation work processes of maintenance, investments, utilities and facilities plant Veghel.

100+ fte’s involved
Shift in policy of organisation: from functional to process-oriented
Shift in ownership of assets: from maintenance to production
Responsible for all change processes
Change request in alignment with Work Council

Set up Service Level Agreements


Plant Manager, FrieslandCampina DMV

Managing Milk Protein unit plant Veghel.

50+ fte’s involved
Targeting output, OEE, first time right, efficiency, cost management
People management – autonomous teams consisting of seven members of staff, five group leaders and forty operators working on a five-shift basis
In compliance with international regulations and norms such as ISO9000, ISO18001, HACCP (the Food Safety Instructions), and COKZ  (the Dutch dairy inspection institute)


Manager Process Technology, FrieslandCampina DMV

Responsible for process technology and asset management of Milk Protein unit plant Veghel

15 fte’s involved
Trouble shooting on a day-to-day operational business
Responsible for QA and the associated QC laboratory
Identification and realisation of improvement projects
Responsible for initiation and implementation of investments
Responsible for maintenance process
Automation and reorganisation of the production unit


Senior Buyer, FrieslandCampina DMV

Senior Buyer CapEx and MRO for Business Group Industrial Products.

Structuring and rationalisation of purchasing processes
Implementation of SAP-MM, SAP-CO, SAP-PM, SAP-PS
Set-up of preferred suppliers system for Campina Melkunie


Manager Modifications, FrieslandCampina DMV

Responsible for all modifications plant Veghel.

Disciplines: piping and construction, electronics and instrumentation, process automation, process technology, civil engineering


Engineer Process Control, FrieslandCampina DMV

Responsible for the design and implementation of process control systems of plant Veghel.



VCA for Operational Supervisors, VCA-VOL

VCA Nederland


TPM Philosophy & Implementation



Master NLP

IEP Nijmegen


HBO Electrical Engineer & Process Control

HTS ’s Hertogenbosch